Ryan Reynolds
Willem Dafoe
Emily Watson
Carrie-Anne Moss
Hayden Pannetierre
Ioan Gruffud
Julia Roberts

Michael Waechter (Ryan Reynolds) is flying home for his mother's college graduation. His mother, Lisa Waechter (Julia Roberts), has spent a lifetime stroking her husband's, Charles Waechter (Willem Dafoe), massively insecure ego.

What should be a moment of great celebration at the house of their aunt, Jane Lawrence (Emily Watson), becomes a tragic family reunion as Lisa is killed in a car accident, leaving Charles, Michael, and Michael's spirited sister, Ryne (Shannon Lucio), to pick up the pieces.

Most notably, Michael discovers that his mother was having an affair with her professor, Addison (Ioan Gruffudd), a man twenty years her junior. As Michael struggles with painful childhood memories, he finds himself resenting Ryne who wants nothing more than to please her father in order to broker the peace. Through the pain and tears, the three of them come to realize how much they truly need each other and how they have to look past their differences if they are going to make it as a family.

Director - Dennis Lee

Writer - Robert Frost (poem)
Dennis Lee (writer)

Marco Weber
Vanessa Coifman
Sukee Chew
Co-producer, Philip Rose